Cycloastragenol, TA-65 and Telomeres

The following news and studies mentions research done in animals and in labs with Cycloastragenol. Cycloastragenol from Astragalus is found in few products, however we do not claim the products will act exactly in the same manner as in the Cycloastragenol studies, as some products may not have enough of the ingredient. We only present the information for your consideration on the products that an independent lab shows to contain Cycloastragenol.

RevGenetics - Young Telomeres. RevGenetics - Young Telomeres.

Telomerase Activation Product: 

As a natural herbal supplement *these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. As a dietary supplement, we limit our claims to the purity of the ingredient in the best products we can make available.

Cycloastragenol Study:

Study By UCLA On Telomere Activation - November 15th, 2008. Dr. Rita Effros and her UCLA colleagues publish a study in The Journal of Immunology. It shows that Cycloastragenol activates telomerase in human cells. Learn More by downloading a UCLA lecture on Telomeres and human aging.

Lab Test Shows the TA-65 Telomerase Activation Product Contains Cycloastragenol RevGenetics hires Intertek and tests TA-65®. Test show Cycloastragenol is the main component of TA-65.

Cycloastragenol based product TA-65 is the standard by which all other Telomerase Activation products are measured against.

Click image below to download free lab file. You can share it for personal use however it cannot be used commercially without permission.

New Breakthrough Study:

Study By University of Paris Cites Material That Is More Powerful Than Cycloastragenol. - April, 2012. Professor Fathi Moussa from the University of Paris uses C60 Olive Oil to almost double the lifespan of rodents while Cycloastragenol has never shown an increase in rodent longevity. C60 Fullerene Olive Oil is now considered the most powerful longevity material currently being studied. Read study.

Telomere Studies:

Vitamins and Telomeres - Simply taking regular multivitamins do show an increase in Telomeres in women by only 5%. Telomerase Activators potentially may increase telomeres far beyond 10% to 20%.* Read Article


Capsule Vendors - Recently a website selling Cycloastragenol capsules  was found to have taken the lab test from this website and use it as there own by taking out all identifying RevGenetics information. Would anyone trust a company that was willing to edit out our information from lab certified paperwork?

Cycloastragenol Based Products:

Investigation of TA-65 molecule as Cycloastragenol: The PDF document in the link below describes how we investigated and concluded that the TA-65 molecule is Cycloastragenol. Lab COA shows about 5mg per capsule.
TA-65 Report.

Transient Telomerase Studies:

Transient Telomerase Safe For Tissue Engineering - *Tissue Engineering Study.

Transient Telomerase used in wound healing - *Wound healing Study.

Telomerase Activation Products:

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Nicotine: Is not recommended at this time. While nicotine has shown to increase telomerase, it metabolizes into aminoketone. This is a precursor to NNK a strong carcinogen. NNK has shown to induce cancer. We strongly advise you to avoid nicotine as a telomerae activator. (Nicotine StudyFrom University of Minnesota Cancer Center, Minneapolis).